Enki Smith
United States
The Light Warriors are the power behind the prevention of apocalypses. Our innovative methods and time-honored techniques - in addition to our unrivaled herd of unicorns - have made us the forerunners in world preservation. We believe in Earth’s ability to resist apocalypses--it just needs a little help sometimes. Whether it’s providing cookies and milk for a summit between Jesus and Beelzebub or organizing a unicorn battalion, being at the right place at the right time is key to our mission. We stand for unicorn rights around the galaxy. Our furry friends are key to our missions, and they’re easier to park than dirigibles. We are dedicated to preserving civilizations when need be, and lasering invasive species when necessary. As a wise man once sang: “It’s the Circle of Life/ and it moves us all/ Through faith and love/ Till we find our place/ On the path unwinding.” Tender loving care and periodic tough love are necessary for the preservation of this circle. Light Warriors are all around you, fr
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